Sisonke Family Support Program

Reunion International Ministries, a community based organisation is delivering a family support program, intended to support BAME families in England during this unprecedented period. The program is being delivered under moniker “Sisonke”. Derived from Zulu, ‘sisonke’ means to bridge; and today, the work is commonly understood to represent togetherness, unity, solidarity, peace and love. Reunion International Ministries have secured funding from the National Lottery Community Fund to reach as many BAME communities as possible.


The aim is to bridge and bring people together BAME communities affected by Covid-19 through virtual activities, small group workshops and counseling therapies. The “Sisonke” programme is a response to the increasing and disproportionate impact of Covid-19 on BAME communities, especially isolation, distress, family/marriage breakdowns, illness and even death. Current efforts to curb the pandemic have not effectively reached or met the specific needs of these people. There is an urgent need for culturally sensitive strategies to contribute toward national efforts to address systemic inequities and inequalities that disadvantage BAME populations during these difficult times.


The project will be delivered over a 12 month period from April 2021 to March 2022, targeting BAME communities in Clacton-On-Sea, Southend-On-Sea, Colchester, London, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Birmingham and Derby.


We plan to support families and communities through:

  • A strong online network that fosters positive interaction and emotional support
  • Signposting members to essential services
  • A strong online network that fosters positive interaction and emotional support
  • Engage in community and group sessions including managing:
    • finances
    • communication
    • conflict resolution
    • digital literacy
    • parenting
    • health & well being
    • domestic and gender violence
    • career opportunities
  • Leadership / facilitator retreat and meeting
  • Family retreat
  • Face to face events


FACE to FACE Events

Through the National Lottery Funding, Reunion Ministries International has delivered four Sisonke Face to face events;

RegionNorth East North WestSouth EastMidlands
Date05 September 202109 October 202103 August 202130 October 2021
EventCommunity BBQFamily Fun Day & WorkshopsCommunity BBQCouples Dinner
Attendees18 Adults 9 Children27 Adults 31 Children28 Adults 12 Children44 Adults (22 Couples)
Topics of discussion
BAME communities and their view on funeral policies and life insurance.
BAME community members in business and running their own enterprise.
Health issues within the BAME community and benefits of an active lifestyle.
Raising teenagers within the BAME community – challenges and practical tips on positive community participation.
Presentation on parenting through the perspective of a BAME family.
Well being and Mental Health within the BAME community.
Presentation and discussion on Covid 19 and the update of vaccines within the BAME community.
Discussion on organ donation and its impact on minority groups.
Social justice and Covid issues in Africa and the impact on supporting families located in United Kingdom.
Reunion Ministries – who we are and our mission.
Relationship MOT – discussion on marriages and practical tips on improving your relationship.
Group discussions on a variety of topics affect BAME couples, the community and our responsibilities.

Sisonke Photo Gallery